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Memorial Day Doldrums!

22 May

I have been extremely busy lately and have neglected some of my duties, including this blog, so I apologize for my negligence. It seems I have been tremendously busy at times, while at other times I am simply twiddling my thumbs.
I am writing a new story for an anthology titled “Memphis Noir” that will be part of my novel. My research has been frustrated by my inability to find information online about long river boats with cabs, the kind used by my uncle when he was guiding duck hunters. These boats have a tremendous load capacity and the ability to run rivers with strong currents at high speeds. My uncle’s boat had an 80 horse Evinrude that would have pulled two skiers while loaded down with 10 hunters and gear.
This spring has seen me doing a lot of traveling. I have been to Durant, Oklahoma, and Bangor, Maine. I hope to be making a trip to Keyser, WV, soon, and I will definitely be traveling to the SE Writer’s Conference at St. Simon’s Island in Georgia in June. All of this with working 30-40 hours a week, writing, researching and applying for teaching jobs across the country is keeping me busy.
Memorial Day has slipped up on me and I have made no plans to go camping or fishing. I do plan to pick up some pork ribs and cook some BBQ, and if I don’t have to work on Monday I will travel to mammoth Spring, AR, and catch some trout.
I have interviewed for a couple of positions and have another interview coming up, and researching the communities where these colleges and universities are located is always fun. I begin with requesting information from the local area chambers and the state tourism bureaus. I also request info from the state game and fish commissions. I read through the local daily newspapers online and peruse the rentals listings on Craigslist. Craigslist does not always have a division for the town you are researching, but it always has one close and then you can limit your search to a particular town or area. I also like to look at the listings of items for sale in the farm section, as they usually have a lot of locally grown produce. I also check for local grocery stores and look up their weekly ads and contact the local utility companies to get an idea of how much their deposts are for connecting services. You can get a good idea of the cost of living in any area this way!
I may need to write a guide to relocating some day!